Subcategory A: Specialty Beer

These beers are brewed using unusual fermentable sugars, grains and starches that contribute to alcohol content other than, or in addition to, malted barley. As nuts generally have some degree of fermentables, beers brewed with nuts would appropriately be entered in this category. The distinctive characters of these special ingredients should be evident either in the aroma, flavor or overall balance of the beer, but not necessarily in overpowering quantities. For example, maple syrup or potatoes would be considered unusual. Rice, corn, or wheat are not considered unusual. Spiced beers brewed using unusual fermentables should be entered in the experimental category. Fruit beers brewed with unusual fermentables should be entered in the fruit beer category. The brewer should explain the special ingredient(s) used and achieved character or nature of the beer, and/or the classic style on which the entry is based, to allow for accurate judging.