Subcategory A: Pale Kellerbier

A very common seasonal summer beer brewed by many of the Munich area breweries and served in the beer gardens, where they are very popular. Overall Impression: A young, fresh Helles, so while still a malty, fully-attenuated Pils malt showcase, the hop character (aroma, flavor, and bitterness) is more pronounced, and the beer is cloudy, often with some level of diacetyl, and possibly has some green apple and/or other yeast-derived notes. As with the traditional Helles, the Keller version is still a beer intended to be drunk by the liter, so overall it should remain a light, refreshing, easy-drinking golden lager. Aroma: Moderately low to moderately-high spicy, floral, or herbal hop aroma. Very low to moderate diacetyl, possibly very low green apple or other yeast-derived notes. Pleasantly grainy sweet, clean malt aroma, with a possible low background note of DMS. Appearance: Slight haze to moderately cloudy, but never extremely cloudy or murky. Medium yellow to pale gold color. Creamy white head with good persistence. When served on cask, can have low carbonation and a very low head. Flavor: Moderately malty with a rounded, grainy-sweet profile. Low to moderately high spicy, floral, or herbal hop flavor, with a moderate hop bitterness that can linger. The finish is crisp and dry, but the aftertaste remains malty. Very low to moderate diacetyl, which should always remain at a pleasant, drinkable level that balances somewhat with the other characteristics of the beer; overwhelming diacetyl is not appropriate. Possible very low green apple or other yeast-derived notes, and a possible low background note of DMS. Mouthfeel: Medium body. Low to medium carbonation. Depending on the level of yeast in suspension, it may assist in creating a slightly creamy texture. A slight slickness on the tongue may be present from the diacetyl.
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