Subcategory A: South German Kristal Weizen/Kristal Weissbier

Straw to amber
Clear with no chill haze present. Because the beer is filtered, no yeast should be present.
Perceived Malt Aroma and Flavor:
Malt sweetness is very low to medium-low
Perceived Hop Aroma and Flavor:
Not present to very low
Fermentation Characteristics:
The aroma and flavor are very similar to Hefeweizen with the caveat that fruity and phenolic characters are not combined with the yeasty flavor and fuller-bodied mouthfeel of yeast. The phenolic characteristics are often described as clove-like or nutmeg-like and can be smoky or even vanilla-like. A Banana-like ester aroma and flavor is often present. Diacetyl should not be present. Kristal Weizen is well attenuated and very highly carbonated.
Medium to full
Additional Notes:
Beers in this style are made with at least 50 percent malted wheat. They have no yeast flavor, and exhibit a cleaner, drier mouthfeel than counterparts served with yeast.
Alcohol by Volume:
4.90% – 5.60%
SRM Color: