Category 64: Belgian Quadrupel

Amber to dark brown
Chill haze is acceptable at low temperatures.
Perceived Malt Aroma and Flavor:
Caramel, dark sugar and malty sweet flavors and aromas can be intense, but not cloying, and should complement fruitiness.
Perceived Hop Aroma and Flavor:
Not perceived to very low
Fermentation Characteristics:
Perception of alcohol can be strong. Complex fruity flavors, such as raisins, dates, figs, grapes and/or plums are often present and may be accompanied by wine-like attributes at low levels. Clove-like phenolic flavor and aroma should not be evident. Diacetyl and DMS should not be perceived.
Full with creamy mouthfeel
Additional Notes:
Head should be dense and mousse-like. Quadrupels are well attenuated and are characterized by an intense alcohol presence balanced by other flavors, aromas and bitterness. They are well balanced with savoring/sipping-type drinkability. Oxidized character, if present in aged Quads, should be mild and pleasant.
Alcohol by Volume:
9.10% – 14.20%
SRM Color: