Category 115: Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter Specialty

A wood/barrel-aged strong stout or porter with spices, chocolate, peppers, etc added. These non traditional stout or porter styles have been aged for a period of time in a wooden barrel or in contact with wood that meets the criteria for alcoholic strength shown below. For purposes of this competition entries in this category should contain greater than 6.5% a.b.v. Wood/barrel-aged strong stouts will be characteristically dark. Entries are aged with the intention of imparting the particularly unique character of the wood and/or what has previously been in the barrel. New wood character is often characterized as a complex blend of vanillin and unique wood character but wood aged is not necessarily synonymous with imparting wood flavors. Used sherry, bourbon, scotch, port, wine and other barrels are often used, imparting complexity and uniqueness to beer. Ultimately a balance of flavor, aroma and mouthfeel are sought with the marriage of new beer with wood and/or barrel flavors. Primary character of the beer style may or may not be apparent. Examples of wood/barrel-aged strong stout styles include but are not limited to stronger versions of wood/barrel-aged foreign stout, To allow for accurate judging the brewer must provide additional information about entries in this category. Comments could include classic strong stout style and/or other styles blended with stout (if any) being aged in wood, type of wood used (new or old, oak or other wood type), previous liquids in the barrel if any (port/ whiskey/ wine/ sherry/other), or achieved character. Beer entries not accompanied by this information will be at a disadvantage during judging.
Alcohol by Volume:
Varies with style
SRM Color: