Dark American Wheat

Medium amber to dark brown
This style is packaged with yeast in the bottle so appearance may range from hazy to very cloudy. Chill haze is acceptable.
Perceived Malt Aroma and Flavor:
Malt aromas and flavors can include low roasted malt character expressed as cocoa, chocolate or caramel as well as toffee or biscuit. Medium-low to medium-high malt sweetness is present. Roast malt astringency is acceptable when balanced with malt sweetness.
Perceived Hop Aroma and Flavor:
Low to medium
Fermentation Characteristics:
Low fruity-estery aroma and flavor is typical. Yeast character should be low to medium and should not dominate malt and hops. Diacetyl and clove-like phenolics should not be perceived.
Low to medium
Additional Notes:
These beers can be fermented with either ale or lager yeast. The grist should include at least 30 percent malted wheat. Because this style is served with yeast, there should be a full yeasty mouthfeel.
Alcohol by Volume:
SRM Color: