Category 13: American India Pale Ale/IPA

Gold to copper
Chill haze is acceptable at low temperatures. Hop haze is allowable at any temperature.
Perceived Malt Aroma and Flavor:
Low-medium to medium maltiness is present in aroma and flavor.
Perceived Hop Aroma and Flavor:
Hop aroma and flavor is high, exhibiting floral, fruity (berry, tropical, stone fruit and other), sulfur/diesel-like, onion-garlic-catty, citrusy, piney or resinous character that was originally associated with American-variety hops. Hops with these attributes now also originate from countries other than the USA.
Fermentation Characteristics:
Fruity-estery aroma and flavor may be low to high. Diacetyl should not be perceived.
Medium-low to medium
Additional Notes:
The use of water with high mineral content may result in a crisp, dry beer rather than a malt-accentuated version. Sugar adjuncts may be used to enhance body and balance. Hops of varied origins may be used for bitterness or for approximating traditional American character.
Alcohol by Volume:
6.30% – 7.60%
SRM Color: